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17 Day Norway - the Land of the Midnight Sun!
June 8th - 24th, 2025


17 Days discovering Norway with Norway's Coastal Highway, Ålesund, Sagastad Museum and the Myklebust Ship, the deepest lake in Europe, Lake Hornindalsvatn, Geirangerfjord, Aksla Mountain and the Fjellstua Viewpoint, Sunnmøre Alps, Alnes Lighthouse, Valldallen and Trollstigen, Stigfossen and Trollfossen Waterfalls, Sigrid Undset's Home, Bjerkebæk, Lake Cruise with Lunch along the Gjende to Memurubu Turisthytte, Rondane National Park, Ringebu Stave Church, Flåm, Stegastein Viewing Platform, Hegge Stave Church, Flåm Church or Flåm Kyrkje, Flåm Railway, Aurlandsfjord and Sognefjord, Flåm Fjord Cruise, Borgund Stave Church, Hemsedal in the Scandinavian Alps, Gardnos Meteorite Park, Tønsberg Norway's Oldest Town, Stavanger, Lista Lighthouse Station, Lysefjord Safari Tours on a RIB Boat, Bergen and a Guided Walking Tour of Bergen and so much more!

Our first ever 17 Day Norway Discovery Tour. This will be our trial launch with a group of clients who will give us valuable feedback to help us to decide whether we want to add this itinerary permanently to our schedule. The present itinerary is subject to change up to the time of departure to make sure that the itinerary flows smoothly and gives us the opportunity to share Norway in the same way that we do with Scotland, Ireland, Wales, England and Tuscany. The pricing is also tentative pricing and is subject to change. Norway is the second most expensive country in the world to visit and the price reflects this! Price includes 18 Nights Accommodation, 14 Dinners, 11 Lunches and Breakfast Each Morning, all activities, sightseeing and entrance fees as listed in itinerary, all taxes, fees and service charges. Guided minibus travel and luggage handling. Please contact us in regards to special diets or dietary restrictions before you book!


$10995US per person.

$1495 Single Supplement.

$500 deposit.

Day 1 - June 8th - This morning we will meet at our Bergen Airport Hotel and make our way north to Sandane traveling alongside the North Sea on Norway's Coastal Highway. This road is extremely varied as it runs from the city of Bergen through rugged land, across and along fjords and through deep, often gorge-like valleys. There are countless lakes and waterfalls along the way with several steep hills between Bergen and Ytre Oppedal where we take a short ferry across the Sogenfjord to Lavik. Today will be mostly about spectacular scenery and we will make a few stops along the way including a Lunch Stop in Førde as well as some wonderful photo stops! One of those stops will be at Huldefossen Waterfall at Mo. From the parking area we walk about 500 meters across a wooden bridge and up along the river to the falls which have about 90 meter long drop. It is one of the most photographed waterfalls in Norway. It is just a short distance from here to our accommodation where we find dinner waiting. Welcoming Dinner and Overnight Sandane. (B,L,D)


Day 2 - June 9th - More spectacular scenery today as we make our way further north to Ålesund. Just north of Sandane there is a short ferry crossing of the great Nordfjord to Nordfjordeid. At Nordfjordeid we will visit the Sagastad Museum to see the Myklebust Ship, the largest Viking Ship that has ever been found traces of in Norway! The museum provides a fascinating insight into the way of life and the worldview of Norse society living in Nordfjordeid over a thousand years ago! Leaving Nordfjordeid behind, we drive east along the shores of Lake Hornindalsvatn, the deepest lake in Europe and one of the deepest in the world! Most of the lake's volume is under sea level and on average water takes more than 15 years to pass through the lake. At Hornindal (Grodås Village) we will stop for lunch before continuing west towards the alpine landscape of Volda and Ørsta Villages traveling alongside Geirangerfjord, one of the jewels of the Norwegian Fjords. With its Characteristic S Shape, High Waterfalls and Abandoned Mountain Farms, the fjord landscape is included on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites. Then onto the Festøya to Solevågen Ferry for a short crossing to Ålesund. Ålesund and suburbs sits on an archipelago connected to the mainland by short bridges. We then get checked into our accommodation before dinner. Dinner and Overnight Ålesund. (B,L,D)


Day 3 - June 10th - Ålesund, where Mountains and Fjords Meet the Ocean! The town of Ålesund has a beautiful setting across several islands stretching out into the Atlantic Ocean, and is known for its architecture in Art Nouveau Style, as it was rebuilt in 1904 after a devastating fire. We will discover the City’s Highlights on a Walking Tour, and tick off top attractions including the Art Nouveau Town Center, the Hellebroa Bridge, and the Scenic Town Park. We will stroll the streets with our guide for an intimate insight into the town’s ancient past and modern culture. We will then explore the city further on our own before lunch. After lunch we will make an excursion to the Town Mountain of Aksla and the Fjellstua Viewpoint. From the viewpoint there is a Panoramic View of the Archipelago, the Beautiful Town Centre, and the amazing Sunnmøre Alps. You can either walk the 418 steps up from the Town Park or take the City Train up to Fjellstua. The rest of the afternoon and evening is free for more exploration and to find some dinner on your own. Overnight Ålesund. (B,L)


Day 4 - June 11th - Today we discover the majestic Sunnmøre Alps from the magnificent, 35 kilometre long Hjørundfjord in Møre and Romsdal between Ålesund and Øye. You will travel through unspoilt nature in a dramatic, rugged, varied and historically rich fjord landscape. The Hjørundfjord is surrounded by steep mountains that rise up vertically from the fjord with peaks stretching 1,700 metres above sea level. The fjord splits the Sunnmøre Alps in two with small villages along both sides of the fjord, some without any road connection. Some of these villages remain unspoilt and have kept their authenticity, as the boat has been the only form of transport for centuries for the people who live here. After our round trip journey we return to Ålesund where you can find some lunch before we drive a short way to the Alnes Lighthouse which lies in the fishing community of Alnes on the Island of Godøy. The lighthouse dates from 1876 and is a relic of Norwegian Coastal Culture. The lighthouse is home to Historical Exhibitions, Local Souvenirs and Handcrafts. You can climb the steep steps up to the top of the lighthouse, and be dazzled by the striking view of the ocean and coastline. End your stay with a visit in the original main building, where you can savour one of the Famous Traditional Cakes the lighthouses own housemother makes! Dinner and Overnight Ålesund. (B,D)


Day 5 - June 12th - Leaving Alesund behind we travel to Vågåmo eastward along the shores of Storfjorden to Åndalsnes with a first stop at Trollfossen Waterfall. We then take the scenic route going through Valldallen and Trollstigen which means Troll’s Ladder and is also called the Troll Route. Along this route is a viewing platform, Trollstigheim, where you have a beautiful view of Stigfossen Waterfall. We then continue on to Åndalsnes, nestled between fjords and mountains, the mountaineering capital of Åndalsnes is one of the highlights of the area! The Magnificent Valley and Wild Mountains on the way to Åndalsnes is well worth this short detour we will take through the Romsdalen Valley. The valley is well known for the live performance of the Emerald Green River Rauma, Lush Waterfalls, Steep Mountains and Magnificent Bridges. We will stop at Kleivafossen Waterfall, one of the most beautifulls waterfall to photograph in Norway. Kleivafossen is located near Briksdal and the Brikdal Glacier. Dinner and Overnight near Vågåmo. (B,D)


Day 6 - June 13th - This morning we make our way to Gjendesheim where we will take a 3 Hour Long Lake Cruise with Lunch along the Gjende to Memurubu Turisthytte, which is halfway along the lake. We will lunch here at what for centuries has been a popular starting location for both humans and animals. With its beautiful and sheltered location at the mouth of the River Muru in the middle of lake, Memurubu is the perfect basis for exploring Jotunheimen. While on our cruise our guide will tell stories about the area and point out Besseggen and other peaks in Jotunheimen. Once upon a time, according to Norse Mythology, Jotunheimen was the place where the Jotner, or the Trolls lived. The mountains will leave you spellbound, as you set your feet into this massive mountain area in Eastern Norway, packed with waterfalls, rivers, lakes, glaciers, and valleys and some of Northern Europe’s Highest Mountains. After our cruise we return to our hotel with a stop at the Farm Shop at Brimisæter where we can experience the products made in the dairy. Cheesemaking is a handicraft which the milkmaids of old put all their heart and soul into, and it has also been an important part of the farm’s economy. At Brimisæter, they use the traditional methods of making cheese and in the new cheese house, they make sour cream, butter, kjuke (a kind of pultost cheese) and white cheese. The dairy is built specifically so that visitors can follow the entire process through a large window. We can follow everything from milking to cheese-churning, and finally, to storage. Dinner and Overnight near Vågåmo. (B,L,D)


Day 7 - June 14th - This morning we make our way toward Heggenes driving through the Rondane National Park. We will make a stop at Ringebu to visit our first Stave Church, the Ringebu Stave Church, built in approximately the year 1220. This distinctive and much-photographed stave church is one of just 28 which remain in Norway. Once common, over 1000 dotted the countryside, with their unique style of architecture and construction, and they are Symbolic of Old Norway. Set amongst hills and farmland, the church and its surrounding cemetery are strikingly beautiful, with immaculate grounds. We next stop for Lunch in Lillehammer, an agricultural area with a rich food heritage and lots of tasty treats including Gudbrandsdalsost, a cheese made from goats and cow's milk originated right here in the Gudbrandsdalen Valley! After lunch we will visit Sigrid Undset's Home, Bjerkebæk. The Nobel Laureate created a distinctive home in two old log houses which she furnished during the 1930s. This unique home is filled with artefacts and books reflecting her personal taste and interests. A guide will relate the story of her life from her childhood in Kristiania, her travels in Rome, her daily life as a housewife and mother, through her divorce, conversion to Catholicism, receipt of the Nobel prize, the fight against the Nazis, and her years in exile during the second world war. She lived a rich life and the decor of her home is statement to that. Dinner and Overnight Heggenes. (B,L,D)


Day 8 - June 15th - This morning we make our way to one of my most favourite places in Norway, Flåm, for a two night stay. The village in Southwestern Norway, in an area known for its fjords. It sits at the end of Aurlandsfjord, a branch of the vast Sognefjord. The dramatic Stegastein Viewing Platform juts out high above the Aurlandsfjord. Along the way we will stop to see another stave church, Hegge Stave Church dating back to 1216 and it celebrated its 800th anniversary in 2016. The church is still in use as a parish church in the local community. It has a Carved Gate from the Middle Ages and inside the church you can see the Original Staves with Carved Face Masks. One of the staves has a runic inscription. The Baptismal Fountain made of soapstone is from the 1100s and the Altarpiece has a unique history. We then stop in Old Flåm to visit the Flåm Church or Flåm Kyrkje which is situated about 2 miles down the river from the bustling waterfront area of Flåm. The beauty and tranquillity of the verdant Flåm Valley make it worthwhile to visit this small and well preserved stave church, which dates back to 1667. Our next stop is near Gudvangen to visit Kjelfossen, one of the highest waterfalls in Norway. With a total fall height of 755 metres, the waterfall is listed as the 18th tallest waterfall in the world! Dinner and Overnight Flåm. (B,D)


Day 9 - June 16th - This morning we take the Flåm Railway which has been described as one of the most Beautiful Train Journeys in the World and is one of the leading tourist attractions in Norway. The train runs from the end of Aurlandsfjord, a tributary of the Sognefjord, up to the high mountains at Myrdal Station. The journey features the finest aspects of the stunning scenery of Western Norway. The Roundtrip Journey is truly magical taking us through the valley of Flåmsdalen and connects the mainline with Sognefjord. The line's elevation difference is 2,841 feet, has ten stations, twenty tunnels, a horseshoe curve, one bridge and has a maximum gradient of 5.5 percent. It also stops at Kjosfossen Waterfall. Once back in Flåm we will have lunch and then travel to the must see Stegastein Viewpoint on a Guided Tour from Flåm. This scenic overlook, which extends 99.5 feet from the mountainside, rises 2,132.5 feet above the fjord offering a picturesque view of the surrounding landscape. It’s one of the most photographed sights in the region. We will also take a short journey to see the Undredal Stave Church, built as a stave church in 1147 and was called St. Nicholas Chapel. The church has white clapboard sidings and is the Smallest in Scandinavia in regular use. Although it is small in size, it is a great cultural treasure and well worth a visit. Overnight Flåm. (B,L)


Day 10 - June 17th - There is no better place to take a Fjord Cruise than from Flåm, so that is just what we will do today! The vessel will begin its journey sailing through the idyllic Aurlandsfjord, which is also inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It ends at the Mountain Beitelen, which separates the Aurlandsfjord from the Nærøyfjord and is considered to be one of the most picturesque fjords in the world! The boat then continues through the narrow Nærøyfjord, the narrowest and best known of the many arms of the Sognefjord. With its Steep Mountainsides, Hanging Valleys, Towering Peaks, Snowfields, Waterfalls and Small Hamlets, this fjord is perhaps the most outstanding natural attraction in Norway. Once back in Flåm you will have some free time to wander, shop and find some lunch before we make our way down the road to Geilo alongside Strandavatnet Lake and Hallingskarvet National Park. Just before reaching Hagafoss we find Hol Gamle Kyrkje, a small stave church built in the 13th century. We will explore the church before making our way up the road to our accommodation and dinner. Dinner and Overnight Geilo. (B,D)


Day 11 - June 18th - This morning we will take some time to explore the small village of Geilo before making our way further south to the village of Gol in the Hallingdal Valley. Here you are greeted by forest clad valleys and splendid high mountain areas with a beautiful view to Jotunheimen, Hallingskarvet and Hemsedal. We will visit the Medieval Park Gordarike where there is a splendid copy of the Gol Stave Church. After exploring Gol and Gordarike we will find some lunch before we head a south and then drive into Gardnos Meteroite Park where we drive into the center of the crater! Large forces formed a crater with a diameter of 5 kilometers. The bedrock was ground up and rock flour was squeezed into the smallest cracks. The impact created the distinctive rock called Breksjestein. We will have a Guided Tour of the Crater before making our way to the lovely village of Eggedal for a wee leg stretch. We then make our way to near further south to Vikersund where we find our accommodation and then dinner. Dinner and Overnight Vikersund. (B,L,D)


Day 12 - June 19th - Today we make our way even further south to the very southernmost point of Norway at Kristiansand. Along the way we will stop at Tønsberg which is Norway's Oldest Town. From the Vikings of old times to the tourists of today, people have always flocked to Tønsberg. After some time to wander around and do some shopping we will meet up for lunch. After lunch we will visit Verdens Ende “The World’s End” which is located outside Tønsberg in Færder National Park. Here you get majestic views to the horizon. Verdens Ende is probably best known for Vippefyret, a small stone house built from pebbles from Tjøme's Beach in 1932. We then continue our journey through the geographical region of Sørlandet whose coastal areas is known for Skerries, Saltwater and Idyllic Small Towns and Villages. We finally arrive into Lillesand where you can stroll among white-painted wooden houses in the town centre. One of them is the Historic Hotel Lillesand Hotel Norge, where the world-famous Norwegian Author Knut Hamsun was a regular guest in the 1930s. A short walk from the hotel lies Lillesand Harbour, with a lovely view. Dinner and Overnight Lillesand. (B,L,D)


Day 13 - June 20th - This morning we make our way along the southern coast of Norway and up to Stavanger for a two night stay. It will be another lovely journey sprinkled with spectacular scenery. We will make our way to Kristiansand and then to Lingdal and then to Farsund and then to Borhaug at the westernmost point of the Lista Peninsula. Here we find the Lista Lighthouse within an Oasis of Green and Blue between High Sky and Wide Horizon. During the autumn of 1781 a total of eight ships were stranded here, so in 1836, this coastal stretch was improved by means of a 34 metre high lighthouse, cut in granite. By 1853, Lista Lighthouse Station was the largest in the world! There is now a collection of contemporary art by both Norwegian and International Artists in the Lighthouse Keepers Cottage. We will continue to Flekkefjord for a Stop for Lunch in the Dutch Quarter. The Dutch Quarter is a small area of the town that had a strong relationship with the Netherlands in the 1500 and 1600's. The old town is called "Hollenderbyen", which means the Holland town and is made up of old white wooden houses in small lanes around the city. After exploring, we make our way to Stavanger where we settle into our accommodation before dinner. Dinner and Overnight Stavanger. (B,L,D)


Day 14 - June 21st - This morning we take a Private Fjord Excursion with Lysefjord Safari Tours on a RIB Boat. When the sun gets into the fjord, you will see why its called Lysefjord or Fjord of the Lights! Our captain will take us as close as he can to the vertical mountain drops to feel, smell and taste the pure water freshness of the Hengjane Waterfall, known in Norwegian Mythology as the 'Water of Wisdom'. One of the highlights of the journey is the narrow gap into the Vagabond Cave with views of Preikestolen, 'The Pulpit Rock' from sea level. Have your cameras ready for some spectacular photo ops! Once back in Stavanger, we Stop for Lunch in Old Stavanger which has Europe’s best preserved Wooden House Settlement with more than 170 white wooden houses! We will take a Tour of Old Stavanger and then the rest of the afternoon and evening are free for you to explore and then find some dinner on your own. Overnight Stavanger. (B,L)


Day 15 - June 22nd - This morning we take the very early ferry crossing from Stavanger up to Bergen. The crossing takes five and a half hours, but cruises through some of Western Norway's most spectacular scenery where the distance between the open sea to islets, archipelagos and deep fjords is minimal. As it is an early ferry, we will let you find some breakfast after we get onboard. The ship Sails in Inshore Waters for the entire voyage, so you’re never far from natural landscapes or landmarks. Be prepared for Karmsund Bridge which connects Karmøy and Haugesund and illustrates what is so wonderful and unique about voyages in Western Norway. It’s not possible to get a closer mix of nature and man-made structure as you will see at Karmsund Bridge. Its characteristic arch makes it popular with photographers, so have your camera ready! You will be able to find some lunch onboard at the either the Commander Buffet, Grieg Brasserie or Oasis Garden Café. Once we are in Bergen we will get checked into out accommodation and then you will have some time to take in the sights before we meet up for dinner. Dinner and Overnight Bergen. (D)


Day 16 - June 23rd - This morning we will have a Guided Walking Tour of Bergen. Bjørgvin, meaning `Meadow between the Mountains` was the original name of the city when it was founded in the 11th century. Now known as Bergen, the city has developed over the centuries from a meadow into a cosmopolitan city. For many visitors, Bergen is the most beautiful city in Norway. On our tour you will be enchanted by the Maritime Charm of the Harbour Bay, Vågen, and the cities Narrow Wooden Lanes. On the tour you will get to know the most important sights of Bergen: the Fortress Bergenhus, the Hanseatic Quarter of Bryggen and St.Mary´s Church to name just a few. Our guide will not only bring us close to the historical nature of the city, but also to its inhabitants, the `Bergenser` and their lives in the here and now. After our tour, we will have lunch in the city and then the rest of the afternoon and evening are free to explore and find some dinner on your own. We highly recommend taking the funicular Fløibanen to Mount Fløyen. At Mount Fløyen you will find beautiful views of Bergen, the nearby islands, fjords and mountains surrounding Bergen. It takes just six minutes to get to the top and I especially enjoy the walk back down, but you can take the funicular down as well. Farewell Dinner and Overnight Bergen. (B,L,D)


Day 17 - June 24th - This morning we return you to the Bergen International Airport.

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